Thank you for considering Catering Creations or 2 Busy 2 Cook for your catering solutions. Our satisfied customers have helped us stand out from the rest. You have come to the right place!

Catering Creations, part of Toni’s 2 Busy 2 Cook, is the best little secret in our valley. We’re known for our great service and outstanding food. Our hosts understand that our style, professionalism, and skills have added greatly to their event’s success.

Regardless of your location, we provide you with “complete events” where you are a guest at your own party, or “just the food” so you can run your own party. In either case, you get our culinary and catering team’s full attention with all their hospitality expertise.

Serving Yakima and the Greater Yakima Valley, we provide catering at your home, business, or location of your choice. We specialize in custom catering, event planning, and décor development that enhances your own ideas and sets your event apart from the rest.

We understand you need to spend your money wisely and we would like to be part of your event. You can rest assured that Catering Creations or 2 Busy 2 Cook both by Toni service will give you peace of mind and the food will make you proud!

We understand the current economic conditions and will help you save money, yet still have a creative and outstanding event. I promise that you can rest assured that Catering Creations or 2 Busy 2 Cook both by Toni will provide you peace of mind and the freshest, best tasting and most creative food in Yakima Valley!

Please call me to discuss how we can work together to create a memorable event.

Toni Benetti- Flabetich

Catering License # HFD2002-00910